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Family assessment – Essay Example

Moreover, the house is adequately spacious with every member of the family enjoying his/her own personal space. The family owns a dog. The house has a solar water-heating panel with fixed air conditioners.

The family does not own any firearm. The house is equipped with smoke detector equipment in virtually all rooms. There are three fire extinguishers in the house. One is located in the living room, one in the corridor downstairs, and the other one in the corridor upstairs. All the medication is kept in the bathroom shelves while other chemicals and cleaning agents are safely kept in the store located in the garage. The windows and doors of the house are firmly protected with system locks that are synced with a sophisticated security system. The house has one emergency exit at the rear end of the building.

The Andersons own a family van that aids in their transportation. They exercise road safety by emphasizing on good practices like fastening of seatbelts. All the family members are satisfied with the level of security in their homes.

Every family faces a number of challenges. These challenges arise from the complex nature of relationships within the family setting (Duvall, 1962). The Andersons are a very small family comprising of two parents, father and mother, and a daughter. Both parents are employed and have day jobs and subsequently provide for the needs of the family. A number of roles exist that either mutually shared by each family member or left exclusively to another member.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are responsible for catering to the emotional needs of their daughter Vivian. They are tasked with the objective of providing counseling sessions and emotional support to their daughter in order to prevent instances of emotional stress. Moreover, both parents provide each other with emotional support in times of emotional stress resulting from various undertakings. No overlap in the emotional needs existed where one family member’s

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